Monday, November 16, 2009

Kelly and Chris, 11/8/09

Chris and Kelly are a wonderful, down to earth couple with an awesome sense of style. Their big day was last Sunday and they chose to get married In Long Island City at the Foundry: a real live metal foundry converted into an event space with an amazing, bohemian atmosphere.

My Friend and fellow Photographer Erica Mankowsky has known the couple from the very beginning so it was natural that she should be the one to record the day for posterity. She very graciously hired me to help out.

The day was low on formality and big on everyone relaxing and having a great time. Everything was impeccably designed and yet superbly simple and low key. I'm sure that this is mainly down to Kelly's impressive arts and crafts skills. See that party dress she changed into, with acres of peasant/bohemian inspired style? She made that! See that bouquet painstakingly crafted from hundreds of buttons? She made that too along with many others to be used as centerpieces!

Chris and Kelly's love for each other radiates for all to see and I'm sure their marriage will stay fresh for as long as the button bouquets!

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