Saturday, October 30, 2010

YSC's "Sharing the Light" Gala

If there was a top ten list of perfect venues in which to have a party, I think that the lobby and Temple of Dendur room at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City would have to be damned close to the top of it! It was in May of this year that I photographed an absolutely sumptuous gala for YRF at that incredible location.

Youth Renewal Fund is a charity concerned with providing supplemental education to underprivileged children in Israel. Even though Israel is a modern country with plenty of wealth, it seems that options to attain a good quality of education are very limited for those children who cannot afford to attend a private school.

The Gala commenced with a cocktail hour in the Met's monolithic lobby. Living statues blended seamlessly with the architecture and the massive main staircase was turned into a waterfall of light by thousands of tiny candles. VIPs were photographed in front of the step and repeat banner and everyone got to make their introductions and socialize before heading through the maze of the Egyptian wing, passing the mummies and other priceless treasures of the Met's collection before emerging through a portal Flanked by Sphinxes into the Temple of Dendur exhibit. The gigantic space was gorgeously lit so that the glass roof seemed to disappear and it felt as if you were standing amongst the ruins on a balmy, star lit night.

After Speeches by the luminaries of the organization, Dinner was served. I only got to taste some of the deserts and one of the custom designed cocktails, but if everything else served was as fine then I'm surprised that no-one died of pure bliss. This was a fine night indeed!

Enjoy the pictures although they don't do the event justice!