Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MCF Brunch on Central Park South

Sometimes, after a lot of big events, a charity just has to kick back and do something smaller for the true, faithful supporters! There's no reason you can't do it in style though and that's just what MCF did this fall!

The event was an intimate brunch early one Sunday afternoon but the venue was amazing! This Central Park South penthouse has one of the best views to be found anywhere on the island of Manhattan and is designed in absolutely sumptuous style. We were treated to a trio of fantastic musical performances (one of which featuring yours truly on piano!), and Stephen Baldwin and Irina Shabeyeva were both in attendance along with the star studded, faithful crew of long time MCF supporters. Even with a broken jaw (It's a long story) I still managed to have a fantastic time!

 Rachel Fine interviews Stephen Baldwin

 Irina Shabeyeva steps up to Rachel's mic.

 The host enjoys the festivities in his incredible penthouse.

Aris Ziagos Live at Webster Hall

Aris Ziagos is a talented videographer and web designer whom I have had the pleasure of working alongside at many charity events. He also happens to be a rather amazing performer and songwriter. These shots were taken at his Webster Hall show a few months ago. I really appreciated the chance to shoot a live performance, I wish I got to do it more often! 

Fashion Test Shoots

My friend and former roommate Adrianna decided to start a fashion blog to showcase her styling ideas in the latter part of 2010. This gave me the perfect opportunity to work on my chops as a commercial fashion photographer. She provided the beautiful models and outfits and I got to experiment with new lighting styles and posing ideas in a low stress environment. Perfect!

Nikolas Putvinski's Fashion week show and Irina Shabeyeva's after party

New York Fashion Week, September 2010. This year I finally had the opportunity to photograph a fashion show and who should show up unannounced but Heidi Klum!

The show was to display the collection of Project Runway finalist Nikolas Putvinski and did so in the form of a montage featuring Naked supine and wounded men, and dominant, whip wielding women dressed in high fashion!

 Heidi Klum stops in to see the show and poses for a photo op with the designer

After Nikolas' show I just had time to go over to Irina Shabeyeva's after party. Other commitments had kept me from attending her show earlier in the day, but from all accounts Her collection featured some sumptuous creations and the party was a great way to wind down at the end of a busy but satisfying day.


Oil Kills! Protests in New York City

OilKills.org is the website of a grassroots movement to raise awareness of the terrible ecological and humanitarian consequences we are suffering because of the greed and lax attitude towards safe operating practices shown by big international oil corporations. After being brought into sharp focus by the Deepwater Horizon disaster this subject rapidly faded from public awareness, and so, in the fall of 2010 Oilkills.org planned two public protests in Union Square and Washington Square. I was there to take pictures for the website.