Tuesday, December 28, 2010

MCF Brunch on Central Park South

Sometimes, after a lot of big events, a charity just has to kick back and do something smaller for the true, faithful supporters! There's no reason you can't do it in style though and that's just what MCF did this fall!

The event was an intimate brunch early one Sunday afternoon but the venue was amazing! This Central Park South penthouse has one of the best views to be found anywhere on the island of Manhattan and is designed in absolutely sumptuous style. We were treated to a trio of fantastic musical performances (one of which featuring yours truly on piano!), and Stephen Baldwin and Irina Shabeyeva were both in attendance along with the star studded, faithful crew of long time MCF supporters. Even with a broken jaw (It's a long story) I still managed to have a fantastic time!

 Rachel Fine interviews Stephen Baldwin

 Irina Shabeyeva steps up to Rachel's mic.

 The host enjoys the festivities in his incredible penthouse.

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