Thursday, May 10, 2012

Sometimes a girl's dress invades her face.

While I was creating a zebra, Brigid was working on a really cool concept for Jen's shoot. She decided it would be really cool if the pattern on her dress were to sort of take over her skin! After she spent some time with the black and white makeup, this was the result. Love it!

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And then this time I took an ex-zebra and some fabric up to a roof...

After the last traces of Zebra were washed down the sink (see previous post), my crazy creative Sunday could continue! Julia was once again a trooper, climbing up to Jen's rooftop in a tiny dress and bare feet. That probably sounds easier than it is. Jen's rooftop is accessed by a 10 foot long rickety iron ladder that leads to a trapdoor. The ladder is conveniently located behind disused air conditioners and bikes in a darkened closet!

We got up there just in time to catch the dying sunset and Julia posed against an awesome old advertising billboard frame that just has so much character. I'd actually imagined shooting against it months before when I saw it from the street. I had lugged a big Dynalite Pack and Strobe setup on to the roof and ran the extension cable down to Jen's place. I really enjoyed playing with the flash against the diminishing ambient light and using it for some great backlit flare effects. 

So there was this time when I turned a girl into a Zebra...

Just for fun you understand! My friend Jen had the inspired idea to spend a Sunday just messing around and being creative with photography. Then we met Julia, an aspiring model who has the distinction of being the tallest woman I've ever met.
Julia also has an amazing attitude which meant she didn't bat an eyelid when I asked if she'd be okay with me doing a full face special effects makeup job on her even though I have no experience with makeup. She did bat an eyelid when I painted it black and white... Couldn't be helped really.
Stay tuned for more creative experiments. This was fun!