Friday, July 31, 2009

Nuriya Live at Drom

Nuriya is a singularly talented and charismatic vocalist. I had the pleasure of photographing her latest show last night at Drom on Manhattan's Lower East Side and what a show it was!

Nuriya's music is as unique as she is, revealing influences from two sides of the globe. The dominant tone is Latin with all of the contagious beats and strident horn parts that you may imagine; most of the lyrics are in Spanish. The Hispanic flair is tempered by the other side of the vocalist's heritage- Middle eastern and Hebrew notes abound in the deep passion and romantic pathos of Nuriya's delivery. The fusion is glazed with homages to Jazz, flamenco and even contemporary pop music.

By all means check out Nuriya's website, but be warned, only by seeing her live can you grasp the intense passion of her performance. This young woman knows how to move, had the audience in the palm of her hand and was an absolute joy to photograph!

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